Geometry Tutor in Newport Beach

Do you feel down on your luck with GEOMETRY in NEWPORT BEACH?

Ever feel like your luck has just run out on a complicating math subject filled with endless proofs, postulates, and problems?

In this St. Patrick’s Day season, your “luck” doesn’t have to run out when it comes to GEOMETRY. You don’t have to count down the days until the end of the quarter or the end of the course. You can achieve success and create your own good “luck” with GEOMETRY if you’re willing to put in the work to make it happen.

Lucky Geometry Step 1: Follow the Examples

Whether you’re asked to find the area of a twelve-sided figure or complete a proof on the similarity of two triangles, a solid first step toward creating your own luck in GEOMETRY is looking at examples. Dig deep into your GEOMETRY book, or search for similar problems on the Internet.

Take it step by step and try to connect example problems to the problem at hand. The greatest thing about GEOMETRY and math in general is that the same patterns apply across many problems. Unlike linguistic exceptions in English like “i before e except after c,” math rules are final!

Lucky Geometry Step 2: Create Your Own Example

In conjunction with Lucky Step 1, I challenge you to create your own GEOMETRY examples, completing those problems by following the same pattern in a similar example. When you insert your own self-created problems into the world of math, the likelihood of your understanding increases all the more.

Your Geometry luck improves, too!

Lucky Geometry Step 3: Ask for Help

Sometimes, the book or the Internet can only help you so far. Perhaps either resource can inch you a step or two further along than you’d have otherwise gotten without it, but you need something – or someone – else to help you finish the job.

Don’t be afraid! Ask for help.

Ask your Geometry teacher, or perhaps even better, ask a fellow Geometry student.

As a middle school tutor working with groups of kids the last two and a half years, I’ve realized many students learn best not from their teacher and not from me, but from each other.

Ask a friend and see what works for them when they’re solving difficult problems. Maybe it’ll work for you, too!

If you’re struggling with GEOMETRY, a tutor could be just what you need to turn your luck around. For a great Geometry tutor in NEWPORT BEACH or your area, check out today!