SAT and ACT Tutor in Orange

SAT and ACT Tutor in Orange

For Orange high school students, summer is a great time to prep for the SAT and ACT exams!

A tutor can help your student in Orange achieve higher scores on the SAT and ACT.

One section that can seem a bit tricky is the sentence completion portion. You may be tempted to treat this section like a game of Mad Libs, putting in the least expected answers and hoping for entertainment in the answers. But in reality, treating the sentence completion like a “serious Mad Libs” is a great way to go!

A skilled SAT and ACT tutor will help you with this method by covering the answers.

Then, read the sentence and determine what word you would put in the blank to complete the sentence. Think carefully about why you chose that answer. Be sure to double check for sentence modifiers (not, no, now, always, never) that could change your answer. Now your tutor can uncover the SAT and ACT answers.

Was your choice there? Perhaps not. But, by thinking ahead, you can eliminate choices that are NOT synonyms to the word you had in mind. This is often easier than looking at the choices first, then deciding which ones fit. In fact, by playing “serious Mad Libs,” you may have picked the correct answer without even looking at the choices!

For SAT and ACT sentence completion questions with two blanks, this method may take too long. Instead, make sure you understand what the sentence is looking for. Do the two words relate to one another? How so? Then, look at the first word choice for the answers. You may be able to eliminate one or two of the choices just by knowing the first word doesn’t fit. Cross these answers out, then look at the second word. You will probably be able to eliminate at least one choice here, too.

Whether you are filling in one blank or two, it is vital to go back and read the sentence with your answer in the blank. Does it still make sense?

With these tips and the help of a great tutor, students in Orange can score amazingly high on the SAT and ACT tests!

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A SAT and ACT Tutor in Orange can help increase your comprehension and your scores on all three sections of the SAT.

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