SAT and ACT in Laguna Beach

SAT and ACT in Laguna Beach


If you live in Laguna Beach, you might be wondering how best to prepare for the SAT and ACT this summer. While the summertime is often thought of as a vacationing “escape” for high school students in Laguna Beach and surrounding cities, it can also be a wonderful opportunity to prepare for the SAT and ACT without other classes requiring your energy.

But where to start studying for the SAT and ACT?

Can you still study for the SAT and ACT while having fun in Laguna Beach this summer?

The answer is yes!

As an SAT and ACT tutor for the last three years, I have some fun summer beach tips for a higher SAT and ACT score.

SAT and ACT Laguna Beach Tutor Tip #1: Bring a Great Book

Who doesn’t like going to Laguna Beach to work on their tan? Many beach-goers bring a book to read beneath the umbrella. Reading books does wonders for the SAT and ACT. It may not seem like much “preparation,” but reading a book can prepare you in more ways than one.

First, there’s the writing section of the SAT. The more books you have read in your personal arsenal, the more potential details you’ll have for any of the writing prompts. When writing an SAT essay, you need as many specific details as you can find. Simply put: the more books you read, the more options you’ll have!

Secondly, reading books slowly but surely increases vocabulary, and a better vocabulary is such a key to success on the SAT and ACT! Not to mention a successful life as well.

SAT and ACT Laguna Beach Tutor Tip #2: Bring a Thesaurus

Reading The Hunger Games can certainly prove useful when it comes to potential SAT writing prompts. Don’t get me wrong. But if you want to explicitly focus on achieving a greater vocabulary, why not bring a thesaurus to Laguna Beach and skim through that?

It’s one thing to find a good word. It’s another thing to discover a good word. Or ascertain one.

A better vocabulary will help you both on the SAT Verbal and SAT Writing sections. You’ll be more likely to score higher on those dreaded sentence completions, and your essays will sparkle with more sophistication.

You don’t have to skip beach volleyball or spend your entire beach day with a thesaurus in hand, but why not spend just fifteen minutes perusing some common adjectives and verbs and discovering some phenomenal new words you’ve never heard of?

SAT and ACT Laguna Beach Tutor Tip #3: Relax!

When you go to Laguna Beach, or when you vacation elsewhere this summer, you must above all else relax. The great thing about the SAT and ACT is that you can retake both tests as many times as you’d like. Do your best on Test Day, but do enjoy this summer as well!

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