SAT Essay Tutor in Los Alamitos

SAT Essay Tutor in Los Alamitos


Would you like to see the above headline be about you? If you’ve been having trouble mastering the essay portion of the SAT, an experienced A Plus In Home Tutor can help you understand the essay section better and practice the skills needed to improve your SAT score.

The essay is the most recent addition to the SAT.

There are two main points that the SAT graders are looking for: grammar and spelling,

and how well you answered the question. A Los Alamitos SAT tutor can give you a few ideas to improve your score in both of these areas.

The first step is to read the prompt and pick a side to focus on. There is a “background” section that introduces the topic, and then the question itself. Make sure to read and answer the question! The grader does not care which side you pick (either one is fine), but does care that you pick a side. Don’t be wishy-washy – feel free to pick a side and stick to it, whether it closely matches your beliefs or not. The idea is to argue a point that you can provide clear backup/examples for, not necessarily to argue a point you strongly feel.

The next step is to pick two examples (one or three is also fine, but in the twenty-five minute time limit, two is all the graders are looking for) that illustrate your point. As the prompt mentions, these can be from personal experience, news or historical events, or fiction. If you do pick an example from a book, it is fine to paraphrase.

A Los Alamitos SAT tutor will remind you that the graders are not expecting you to have quotes memorized when taking the SAT! A simple explanation of a part of a book or plot point is fine.

An outstanding SAT tutor will also remind you that you cannot assume that the graders know what you’re talking about.

If you mentioned a historical figure (Martin Luther King, Jr. is often referred to in these essays), state who he is in your SAT essay. A one sentence summary is fine, but you do need to give background information.

Feel free to outline when writing your SAT essay. And don’t forget, spelling and grammar counts! Be sure to spend a minute or two at the end of your writing to check for misspellings, periods, commas, etc.

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