SAT and ACT Tutor in Cypress

SAT and ACT Tutor in Cypress

Many students in Cypress see the Critical Reading sections as the hardest part of the SAT and ACT exams.

At first, Cypress students may look at a long passage and think; do I really have to read this whole thing?

But a tutor can help your SAT and ACT student find an easier method to break up the long passages on the SAT and ACT, improving their Critical Reading score.

Rather than reading the passage all at once, a tutor will help SAT students in Cypress look to the questions to determine how to break up the passage. A tutor will ask the student to start by reading the italicized portion above the passage. This portion explains what the passage is about, and will often answer at least one of the Reading Comprehension questions.

From there, a tutor will ask their student to look at the first question. Is it about the passage as a whole? If so, circle it and skip it until the end. Does it reference lines in the passage? If so, read until that point in the passage, make a line to remember where you left off, and then answer the question.

A good SAT and ACT tutor will help their student use this technique to continue through the entire passage.

The SAT Critical Reading questions that refer to quotes or vocabulary in the passage go in order, i.e., questions at the start will refer to lines at the beginning of the passage, while questions near the end refer to lines near the end of the passage. Any time lines are referenced, a Cypress tutor will remind the student to read to that point, mark the passage, and answer the question. Any time there is a question about the passage as a whole, a tutor can remind the student to circle it and return after answering all of the “quote” questions. This way, he or she will have finished the passage and have a better comprehension of it.

During this process, don’t forget to mark the correct questions in the answer book, remembering that some have been skipped! Or, circle all of the answers, and then fill in the multiple choice bubbles once you have finished the section.

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