SAT and ACT Tutor in Placentia

SAT and ACT Tutor in Placentia


If you live in Placentia and find yourself stressing while preparing for the SAT writing portion, there are some simple ways you can practice for the test and hone your skills!

Here are some SAT writing tips to “use” from an English major and SAT and ACT tutor in the Placentia area.

SAT Writing Practice: Use Active Voice

One of the easiest ways to alter the overall tone of a piece of writing is to shift from passive voice to active voice.

Active voice is more forceful, more to the point, and generally more effective in SAT and ACT writing.

Take these two writing examples, the first in passive voice and the second in active voice:

The red shiny ball was kicked by the boisterous boy.

The boisterous boy kicked the red shiny ball.

In the first sentence, the subject is being activated by another part of the sentence – in this case, the object of a prepositional phrase. In the second sentence, the subject is performing the action; when writing a concise, forceful essay for the SAT, this is clearly better writing.

If you find yourself writing often in passive voice, make the easy shift to active voice. Your writing will start to shine!

SAT Writing Practice: Use Dazzling Details and Vocabulary

Another easily noticeable way to increase your SAT writing scores is to strut your details and vocabulary. Take, for example, these two descriptions of a simple kitchen:

The kitchen was small and filled with appliances. Wallpaper lined the room and a clock ticked on the wall.

The petite kitchen was as big as a cottage’s bathroom. A stainless steel fridge hummed in the back right corner, and a toaster reflected sunlight from the granite counter. Bland vanilla wallpaper lined the walls’ edges and a festive kitty-cat clock ticked and tocked above the sink.

While the first description can give you a general picture of a kitchen, the second description is packed with more details and comes alive. Additionally, these descriptions include some dazzling vocabulary: the words petite, reflected, granite, bland, vanilla, and festive all lend to a more professional tone.

When practicing for the SAT and ACT, try a simple exercise by describing anything you’d like!

First, write a general description of the scene. Then, go back and stock your description with concrete, descriptive details. By focusing on details and vocabulary, your writing will certainly improve!

SAT Writing Practice: Use Neatness

This last tip should go without saying, but when preparing for the SAT and ACT, always practice neatness!

While content will always be examined and scored more than anything, writing with neatness surely cannot hurt you on the SAT or ACT. If you struggle with penmanship, take some time to practice writing paragraphs before test day. Practicing neatness is another solid way to paint your SAT essay with a dramatically more seasoned vibe.

Practice these SAT writing tips in Placentia, but above all else, simply write! Write, write, write. The more you write, the better a writer you will become.

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