SAT and ACT in Brea

SAT and ACT in Brea


Brea juniors and seniors prepping for the SAT and ACT

can study all the books or work all the practice tests they want. But take it from me, a tutor who once took both tests 8 years ago: you need to be smart in those last hours leading up to Test Day.

All those practice tests go out the window when you’re sitting in a classroom filled with people you don’t know and a proctor who tells you that you only have 25 minutes to finish the next section of the test.

After all the studying and preparing has been done, here’s what I heartily suggest you do in the hours leading up to your SAT and ACT.

Before the SAT and ACT: Watch the News

The night before your SAT or ACT, spend an hour watching the evening news. This may seem trivial, but remember, any additional piece of information in your brain is huge when it comes to those writing prompts.

Hopefully in the months leading up to your SAT or ACT, you’ve read some books and taken some practice tests. But a healthy awareness and knowledge of current events can go a long way when you’re struggling for specific details in your essays. You never know what bit of news may come in handy when you’re putting the finishing touches on your amply detailed essays.

Before the SAT and ACT: Sleep Well

The more alert, clear, and refreshed your mind, the more easily you will be able to process questions, passages, and essays on the SAT and ACT. It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but please get some solid sleep the night before your SAT and ACT! Shoot for 8 hours, if not 9.

Before the SAT and ACT: Eat Well

We live in a microwavable and toast-able culture these days. But SAT/ACT Test Day is not the day to throw a Pop Tart into the toaster en route for the car. Take some time to make a healthy, filling breakfast.

Or if you’re so fortunate, have a loving parent cook a great breakfast for you on SAT/ACT Test Day! Along the same lines of a good night’s rest, starting your important day with a nutritious meal will only further your chances of success on the test.

Check your official SAT/ACT test center’s official guidelines, but many locations allow bagged snacks and water-bottles on Test Day. Bring something to eat or drink only if you get hungry or thirsty easily. I say that because…

Before the SAT and ACT: Use the Restroom

I include this final suggestion because my first SAT experience started somewhat nightmarishly. I didn’t use the restroom before the SAT started, and needless to say, I wasted some precious test-time on a trip down the hall.

Study hard, but be sure to do these other important things in those last critical hours leading up to the SAT and ACT!

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